Bhet Friday, Sep 29 2006 

You said you are there for me

everywhere, whatever it may be


The things moved still at their pace

I was being dragged in every race


The heart said dont feel so shy

atlease once u can ask the why


I refused to go by the popular way

and to devalue my own golden stay


Yes, I stayed in the eyes of yours

You may say now exactly reverse


but why to deny the sweet memories

those still there in your diaries


Now let me end this long cry

Which is just a poetic try


If you find her somewhere on the net,

Tell her ki “Fountain la ithe yeun bhet…”


The dreams of doing business… Thursday, Sep 28 2006 

CHAT on the link
(Interview of an enterpreneur telling his secrets)

Highlight :


What are the biggest lessons that you have learnt from your varied experience?

No one knows anything, least of all any supposed management guru or consultant or expert. You can discover your own rules and create your own playing field. It is better to move in business as an innovative na?ve person than as a cautious experienced person.

What would you say to budding entrepreneurs or tech students who might be the next big entrepreneurs?

Don’t listen to the Gartners, the IDGs, the BCGs, the KPMGs, the PwCs. They know nothing! Reject the job offers from the Goldmans and the Lehmans. . . Why do your B Tech in Computers and MBA in marketing to become a banker?

Understand the gaps in the market. Create a product that can service those needs better than anybody else can, sustainably and do it at a really low cost.

And dream big. The earth’s the limit.


me: he is convicted about his goals in life
and that is good indeed
the last para is imp. where he tells abt finding a gap..matching with product..keeping cost low…thats the main principle of enterpreneurship
its good that he is sticking to it

: i like the statement ” You are taught to be an ’employee’ and not an ’employer,’ and you are actually handicapped compared to someone who hasn’t gone through the degree programme. You will typically end up working for an unschooled person like me”
: what do you say on this?

me: it is correct
we r not taught to become enterpreneur in degrees
prob. some is taught in MBA
but not certainly in typical BE
it is there also in commerce upto some extent
but why technology shud everytime get converted in business
if u r a born enterpreneur, nothing shud stop u
and if u r a not used to it, u may end up in research in the business also

: He said even MBA program don’t teach to be entrepreneur so it is basically you should know what do you want to do in the life

me: enterpreneur is diff..and what do u want to do in life is difff….2nd is not taought in MBA but first is..some extent
there are ppl who DO NOT want to be enterpreneur in life…
any education, any training MUST lead you to become an the myth in today;s market economy…
so its cross in the cross….already edu is not teaching enterpreneruship..which is indeed reqd…still I say ki its not everything as far as ‘what do u want to do in life’ is concerned

Philippines – General Info Tuesday, Sep 26 2006 

Philippines is a country which can be identified in first look as island country. For a person like me who havent visited even the Indian far distance places; finding Phili on the map was a trivia. far to the east somehow I got the country and in the google, it was also found that it contains as many as 7000 islands..
So the simple calculation is if one sees one island per day, still visiting entire country may take around 15 years..
As I was not going to stay there for such a long time; I decided to visit only the main island..

And what a surprise; my company made the arrangements for the work enough of 60 days for finishing in 50 days in such a manner that I could visit the main Island and only that one..So kind are these corporate bosses!

After the start of the work and spending some nights in the four star hotel bed thinking about the costs; I was then ready for the first outing in the country. By the way; even if my company had given me 10% of the hotel rent and made me stay in little lesser hotel, I could have been saving atleast some thousand buck..But the Bosses are so caring as i told you..

Philippines is basically a country of co operative, cool and working people..I should say women because they are more than 65% in the population.

Poem – About give and take.. Tuesday, Sep 26 2006 

sometimes life smiles at me; sometimes its my turn

sometimes things happen to me; sometimes its my turn

The gunner had his own logic
and the weapen has its own..

The god has got his own world
and Me has my own..

Sometimes god sees at me; sometimes its my turn

All the nights doesnt have sleeps
also the sleeps their own nights

All the hights doesnt get the feet
also the feet their own heights

Sometimes Age comes to me; sometimes its my turn

She had the given the promise to smile
and smile was named as herself too

She was chosen to be loved by me
and love was named as herself too

Sometimes relation walks to me; sometimes its my turn..

Yogesh Joshi
29 08 06

Project Management Musings Tuesday, Sep 26 2006 

Many times the project management is considered as very simple and some times very difficult.
Essential things for a successful project is –
1. Very good Leader and team of follower team members.
2. Very good team members but having good spirit.

The problem in first situation is that the leader alone cannot push or drag everything if the team members are not having enough capacities.

The problem in second situation is that the very talented team members very rarely find good spirit amongst them.

Hence the solution for the first thing is very hard work by leader in field to train; mobilise and improve the performance from average to above average level.

And, the solution for the second thing will be leader sitting back, not involving himself in ego issues and just handling the talent for the performance.

The disaster in first situation will be the leader relying on people’s management and being happy that the management issues are in control and not trying to act personally to increase the quality.

The disaster in second situation will be leader entering into the Ego issues and going face to face with the team members for the small wins.

These small wins are always crucial. There is always a certain feeling in professionals about the superiority. Either it comes from ‘i am more talented than others’ feeling or ‘whether others are going ahead of me’ feeling.
Actually both are the two faces of the same coin.
The small wins in every third sentence actually do no serve any purpose. But they are very part of any talented professional. These things happen everywhere in any moment of day. In hotels, In lobbies, at desks, at dinner tables..People just discuss many things as they are very good at it. And then they keep on finding points to serve.
Some may call it as being passionate, some may call it as the win of their talent and brain, some may even call it as the preparation of the GD for the next MBA entrance exam..!

But still the fact remains that these wins do not serve the person in long or short run. And ofcourse not in the spirit of the team.

Philippines – Cultural Note Tuesday, Sep 26 2006 

Zobel की ज्याचा उच्चार झोबेल असा केला जातो; हा फ़िलीपीन्सचा प्रमुख चित्रकार मानला जातो. ज्या जोडगोळीवरुन SD बर्मन आणि RD बर्मन यांची आठवण व्हावी अशी ही पितापुत्रांची जोडगोळी आहे. त्यातील थोरला झोबेल हा प्रसिध्द चित्रकार होताच शिवाय त्याचा काही काळ हार्वर्ड विद्यापीठात गेलेला होता. अमेरिकन connection चा त्याला सांस्क्रुतिक व कलात्मक अशा दोन्ही प्रकारे फ़ायदा झालेला दिसतो.
थोरल्या झोबेल ची चित्रे (original) मला ayala अयाला म्युझियम मध्ये पहायला मिळाली. अतिशय रेघा युक्त जाळीदार असा मुक्तछंदाचा तो अविष्कार होता. खरेतर पहिल्यांदा मला पु लं च्या माडर्न आर्ट च्या comment ची आठवण झालीच; पण तसं म्हटलं तर त्यातील मिश्रपणा व गुंतागुंत हे दोन मुद्दे नंतर मला जाणवले.
धाकट्या झोबेल ने एका वेगळ्या प्रकारच्या कलेमध्ये आपले कौशल्य दाखवले. sand art photography असे त्याचे नाव आहे. वाळूच्या विविध व्यमिश्र आक्रुती – त्रिमिती नव्हे तर नुसती वाळू एकाच साध्या surface वर – आणि त्याचे विविध फ़ोटो असा हा कलाप्रकार आहे. परंतु त्यातील केवळ black and white शेडस मध्येही जी काही अप्रतिम रचना दिसते; ती केवळ डोळ्यांना मेजवानी आहे.

अयाला म्युझियम मध्ये इतर फ़ारसे कोणी चित्रकार दिसेनात तेव्हा भारतीय supremity बद्दल मला confidence वाटू लागला होता पण झोबेल लाच अर्पण केलेल्या एका पूर्ण दालनाने हा समज दूर केला. झोबेल, त्याची चित्रे, त्याचा पत्रव्यवहार, त्याचे लेखन साहित्य, त्याचा canvas, brush, stool, सगळे काही तेथे आहे. आत्ताच पाच मिनिटांसा्ठी झोबेल कुठेतरी बाहेर गेला आहे आणि कधीही आत येईल असा तो देखावा होता.
कधी शिकणार आहोत आपण? पु लं नी शेक्सपियरच्या गावाला भेट दिली त्याला ही आता तीस वर्षे झाली असतील. अजूनही एकाही व्यक्तीचे यथोचित स्मारक आपण उभे करु शकलो आहोत असे वाटत नाही. राजकीय पुढारी ते सांस्क्रुतिक legends पर्यंत एकही चांगले उदाहरण महाराष्ट्रात पटकन आठवत नाही. प्रीतीसंगम, कराड आणि गायकवाड वाडा, पुणे हे एक त्यातल्या त्यात् बरे उदाहरण. आणि श्री शिवाजी महाराज, कवी गदिमा, वसंतदादा पाटील ही अतिवाईट उदाहरणे. तारीख, गाव, ठिकाण आणि रचना या बाबतीत वाद घालणे ह जणू आपला छंद आहे. आणि सरकारातील लोकाना ही त्याची पूर्ण आवड आहे. असो.